Tifanie Mayberry

Life Coach & Acupuncture Intern Student

Helping you channel your full potential

Hi, I’m Tifanie! I want to acknowledge you for exploring your own healing journey and happy to see it brought you here. 

My Story

Everyone’s healing journey begins somewhere, I would say mine began with my mother. Growing up she was quite sick and I witnessed the medical system fail her. As I grew older, naturally I began to seek out alternative ways to help her heal, while the Doctors would actually mock my enthusiasm of natural medicine. 

Shortly after she passed from too many pharmaceuticals leading to heart failure at 62, I decided to embark upon the journey of deeping healing. My studies in Nutrition, Feminist Studies, Naturopathy, Chinese Medicine, Life Coaching and Cosmetology have all guided me towards the closest truth to healing and divinely expressed beauty that I have found. 


My Values & Beliefs

Healing Comes From Within

Whether it is the food you eat, the thoughts you think, or the habits that have become deeply engrained – healing is an inside out game that requires your engagement for total potential.

Medicine & Coaching with Integrity

Quality is the most important aspect of care in my opinion, from the encounter we have, to the supplements or nutrition I recommend, you can trust I meticulously work to provide the best medicine I know. If I do my job well, you won’t need me, and that’s what I aim for.

I am Great at Referring

I will be honest with you when I think the scope of my medicine or coaching abilities is limited in addressing any ailments that may not be suitable for my scope. With my extensive medical knowledge and network, I am happy to refer you to the best care possible.

My Approach

Healing is a multi-faceted complex journey that takes genuine effort, skill, persistence, and consistency. It is not linear, takes a lot of courage, and beckons one to really have faith in the innate ability for the body, mind, and soul to heal. 

The best medicine of all is preventing ourselves from becoming sick in the first place. I work to ensure resilience in my clients by guiding them towards heart healing exercises, qi supportive therapies, and engage the mind with concepts that make old paradigms shift towards brilliant new realities. Change is absolutely possible.


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