Oct 23, 2022

6-9PM (PST)


A virtual

group ceremony 

What if we are infinitely powerful and capable of rewriting our storyline? 

We get to choose our own healing, we can break the patterns of old stories that held us back far too long.  

Once we take our power back, we are able to heal future generations with ancestors of our past.

Together, in ceremony, we will be working to release what no longer serves us while welcoming in support from our relatives in the name of goodness and truth.  



  • Group Based Healing Ceremony: Your step by step How-To in creating a conscious ceremony with your ancestors from a place that is resourced, balanced, loving, and kind. ($397 Market Value)
  • Prompts and Exercises: Deepen your healing journey through intentional challenges meant to stretch you to bring your full presence to this process ($197 Market Value)
  • Tools, Skills, and Resources: Learn some of the best techniques to help you transform your ancestral patterns, release trauma, and welcome in powerful guidance. ($197 Market Value)

  • Meditation and Breathwork: Simple exercises to help you both process and welcome your Ancestors into the healing journey. (Market Value $47)
  • BONUS #1: The Healing Journey Playlist (Market Value $27)

  • BONUS #2: Heart Opening Yoga (Market Value $27)

Total Market Value $892

Event Organizers

Event co-host

Ana Riat

Event Co-host

Tifanie Mayberry

What is Ancestral Trauma?

Ancestral Trauma in the context we will be speaking to is the aspects of trauma of we have inherited from our ancestors. Our parents were doing their best for us, but that may not have met all of the needs we had growing up. The stories and patterns we adapt from them greatly impact not only our identity, but the subconscious patterns that can rules our lives when unexamined. 

What inspired Ana and Tifanie to lead this event?

Ana received her Master’s in Psychology and is certified in trauma-informed yoga. As someone who has felt alone during this time before the holidays, she thought it essential to bring women together in Sacred space to create safety for us to be with all that can come up during this time of year. 

Tifanie is a Women’s Life Coach currently finishing her Master’s in Classical Chinese Medicine, holds a Bachelor’s in Feminist Studies, and is a former camp-counselor of 20+ summer camps including Centers for Spiritual Living. She lost her mother on Dia de Los Muertos (Nov 2) and has since recognized this time of year as a time for connection, release, and celebration!

Why is this event on Oct 23, 2022?

 We wanted to honor this time of the season when the veil between worlds is seen as thinning, meaning we are closer to our past relatives more than at other times of the year. With this, we plan to gently welcome their support as we work to release what no longer serves us. Much like the leaves of autumn. Other aspects we took into account were the dancing of stars as the Orionids Meteor Shower will be active, while Sun entering Scorpio, a time of intuition, dedication, and passion. Numerically we took into account that 10/23/2022  from 6 to 9, is a 9, the number of completion + release. 

Will there be future events?

We are considering having more consistent gatherings if this is what our participants are wanting. 

Do I have to be present for the entire event?

We ask that you arrive on time and stay for the entire event to hold the container for our shared experience.