I’m Tifanie mayberry

Acupuncture & Personal Life Coach  

Balancing Mind, Body, & Soul

Empowering you from within



Supportive care for chronic health issues, pain, stress, digestive disorders, mental and emotional issues, fertility, & much more.

Health & Life Coaching

Guiding you through inner child work, trauma release, conflict management, nutrition,  inner feminine + masculine balancing, embodiment practices, rituals, & much more.

YOUR HEALING is a journey that serves all.

What if healing is possible?

One of the most beautiful aspects about prioritizing our healing journey is how this work directly impacts our immediate world and ripples out. This is what it means to BE THE CHANGE. Much of the world’s pain and suffering comes from people operating from unhealed trauma and toxic conditioning. Addressing our own wounds could completely change the future! 

Do you wake up feeling exhausted before your day begins?

Does it seem like the same things keep happening to you?

Are there moments you feel helpless in chronic illness?

You are fully capable of healing and reinvigorating YOUR LIFE.

What is Beautiful Wild Woman about?

Beautiful Wild Woman (BWW) was designed to bring together three areas Tifanie has studied extensively, Beauty, Natural Medicine, & the Feminine. The aim for BWW is to be the safe space for the wounded feminine to get back to their power in every sense of the word. They’re feeling beautiful, they’re in tune with natural healing potential, and totally in sync with the divine feminine within knowing their existence is meaningful.  

Holistic Approach

Health is a complex multi-dimensional state of being that is measured by spirit, mind, and body. Through acupuncture and coaching, each of these aspects is touched upon. With acupuncture I get to model and encourage dynamic flow in the body, and coaching gives you the tools to do work from within. 

Earth Honoring Medicine

The earth we stand on has been with us since the dawn of being, the innate wisdom held in the natural world around us echoes that which is in us. My Native heritage along with Chinese Medicine have informed how interconnected we are and how mindfulness can make a wave of change. 

Integral Beauty

Get professional recommendations of the best skincare line, facial acupuncture, facial gua sha, holistic skin-care practices, supportive nutrition, herbal remedies, and more.

Spiritually Informed Care

As a former spiritual teen advisor of 10 years through Centers for Spiritual Living and youth counselor of YMCA, practicing Lakota ways, along with my Christian upbringing – I have a unique perspective and openness to a multitude of perspectives that support treatment. I believe each has their own relationship with their higher power and honor that. 

Radically Inclusive

With a B.S. in Feminist Studies from UCSC, I have an awareness of the systemic forces that condition our reality from a place that may or may not serve our highest truth. With that, whoever you are, however you are, you are welcome here. 

About Me

I am an Acupuncture Student Intern and Life Coach studied in Naturopathic and Chinese Medicine with a Feminist Studies background. I am a former Youth Leadership Mentor and Ex-Hollywood Hairdresser who seeks to help others break ancestral patterns that no longer serve them while guiding them from shame into change. As the 4th generation in my family to grow up in Hollywood, I began to see the impacts of high stress and unrealistic expectations on those I loved. That drove a passion in me to find the greatest path of healing which ultimately came down to leaning into the natural world while discovering the depths of our inner world. I am a firm believer we are incredibly powerful beings and love to help individuals hone in on their innate gifts.


“Tifanie helped me when I was experiencing severe back pain due to sciatic nerve issues. Her creative acupuncture treatment really helped relieve pain and she also educated me on foods that would be supportive on my healing journey from this injury. I am so grateful to have found her and still refer back to the info sheets she gave me. Highly recommend trusting in her skills as a healing practitioner!”

Ali Green

Meditation Teacher

“I felt so excited to see Tifanie for a healing session in Costa Rica, she came highly recommended. I immediately felt comfortable and knew when she was asking questions she cared about my well-being without judgement. (like how much coffee I drink 😆) I have been to many different healers and to me, non judgement is so important because if you can’t be honest with the person who is supposed to help you, then they can’t help. Tifanie’s soft, soothing voice is also a bonus.”


Luxury Property Mgmt

“An artist of medicine.”

Bob Ross


Online Resources

Heal Yourself Merch

Enjoy some of our wearable mantras to promote the message of global healing.

Are you ready for Plant Medicine?

Engaging with plant medicine has become quite popular, how can we approach it with intentionality?

21-Day Reset

Are you ready for a complete revamp to become your most beautiful, wild, and fully expressed self? You won’t want to miss this challenge!

Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

If I could implore anything, it would be how infinitely powerful your healing journey begins. To me, it is the great act of love and activism, for what we heal for ourselves, we heal for the world. 

I look forward to seeing you. 


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