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Frequently Asked

Do you only work with women?

I do have a focus on the feminine, which the masculine also needs balance in. All this to say, all are welcome to working with me. 

What qualifications do you have to coach?

Happy you asked: 

  • Elementum Coaching Institute Mastery with mentors: Christine Hassler, Preston Smiles, Stefano Sifandos, and Alexi Panos 
  • Camp Counselor at 20+ week long summer camps (YMCA + CSL)
  • 10 years as a Spiritual Teen Advisor (CSL)
  • Naturopathic and Chinese Medicine Education 
  • Walking the ways of the Lakota (teaching I do not teach but inform me)
  • B.S. Feminist Studies from UCSC w/ concentration in Science, Technology, and Medicine.
  • Cosmetologist of 18 years.
What makes you a good fit for me?

If you want a coach who has truly done the work extensively for the last 15 years, than I am your gal. With me you get someone who can be in the trenches with you comfortably and hold the flashlight on our way out. You’re going to get honesty, presence, and transformative potential. I am going to hold you accountable, and really call you into your fullest expression – even if you don’t like me in the moment, I am here to see you through it. 

What makes me a good client?

Someone who is:

  • SO ready to do the work 
  • Respects time commitments 
  • Is willing to prioritize their healing journey 
  • Can comfortably afford an investment in themselves 
  • Is ready for BIG transformation 
Do you accept all potential clients?

I do not, and for a few good reasons:

  1. Those unwilling to show up and do the work. 
  2. Those who cannot keep time commitments.
  3. Those who are not ready to deep dive into their own stuff. 
  4. Those who are unwilling to own their experiences. 

I say this to ensure you are ready to show up and prioritize yourself. If you do not feel this is you, let’s hop on a call and see if this is something we can work with or if I can find someone who may better suit your journey. 


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